BMW 2000 SA – 1971 FOR SALE

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Uwe Gusen
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BMW 2000 SA – 1971 FOR SALE

Beitrag von Uwe Gusen » Do 20.Jun.2019 12:36

A South-African heritage on the wheels. Classic hidden gem.

Small history:
After glorious years of production of Gogomobil and Isar, the German company GLAS decides to enlarge its offer, with the 1004, 1304 etc and strong cars like the V8 and the GLAS GT. Among them, the GLAS 1700 is a fancy middle-class saloon, designed by Pietro Frua (know for his design contribution for Maserati, Fiat etc). In 1967, the company is taken over by BMW and the production line is shipped to South Africa, as Praetor Monteerders Assembly and there is the birth of the BMW 1800-SA and 2000-SA ! The body is rebadged, the engine is a pure BMW piece of mechanic, the M10, same as the one used in the very well known 2002. And the result is a very special BMW, designed by an Italian, reliable as a German… just for the South-African market. Very sought-after in good condition.

The car:
This automobile is almost 50 years old and still has 90% of her original features. Genuine marroon interior with original steering-wheel and dashboard with clocks. Automatic gearbox. Brown carpets and white headliner totally complete. Exterior red color of the car has been reprayed from her original sand color.

Engine & specs:
M10 engine (see description) – Oil pump – Water pump – Brake booster – Brake calipers – Centre bearing propshaft – carburetor : ALL redone (see invoices) Electrical components checked (see invoices) Extra available parts : front bumper straight, front right side window, rods, rims, … NO RUST. Automatic gearbox runs very nicely. 2000cc engine like new, very powerfull for this size of saloon !

A proper respray in its original color would be the best and only important investment with a replaced windscreen, car for collecting purpose, the one and getting rare only BMW produced in South Africa !

Asking price : 12.000€ (shipping, taxes included to Antwerp, Belgium)

PS: See values of the equivalent value of the GLAS 1700

See BMW official web site for infos : ... 00-sa.html