Oldtimer Grand Prix in Argentinien

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Oldtimer Grand Prix in Argentinien

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unser neues Mitglied aus Argentinien lädt zum Oldtimer Grand Prix in Argentinien ein. Wer Interesse hat, kann Kontakt mit ihm aufnehmen.

Claudio Fabian <jeepisard@gmail.com>

Dear Uwe,

On this opportunity I would like to tell you about the next GPAH to be held this year in Argentina.

The Gran Prix is a regularity race and the people not need special skills to take part of it.

The route is very likely to repeat the last performed through 7 states of the Southern Argentina, going through the best sights of South America with the support of the entire organization. States such as Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Rio Negro, Neuquén, Santa Cruz, San Luis and Mendoza take part of the trip.

The trip is about 4000 km on different types of routes as gravel, dirt, pavement, and more. All of them are in good condition without risk for the cars.

The expected date is around September 23 and lasts about 10 days.

The date and the final route depend on when the authorities of the Grand Prix make them official and the detailed road map, as a rule of competition, will be delivered only two days before the date of start.

The competing vehicles must be approved and registered in the ACA (Automovil Club Argentino) and the competitors should get the license for driver and co-driver.

The value of this inscription probably will be similar as 2010, around ?1400 and this includes inscription, certification of the vehicle and sports licenses for two drivers.

Each year, more than 300 national and international crews with approved vehicles ranging from 1935 to 1967 participate in the event. All the vehicles are beautifully restored and presented recalling the old days.

On this occasion, we would like to know if any member of the International Glas Club would be interested to participate in the next GPAH. Where in addition to enjoying driving our microcar in safe and careful manner the can gain experience in regularity race and get around great landscapes of South America and sights of our country.

For our part we have to offer all our experience of having participated in three grand prix, where we have always arrived at the end with outstanding performances, in addition for our entire career in regularity racing. We can arrange all necessary logistics, including translations, training, accommodation, tickets, meals, fuel, administration, photographs, films, race team (mechanical aid along the entire route) and all that is needed to participate in this event.

We would be willing to provide everything you need to compete with your own cars if you want to bring it to Argentina and compete with them, it is possible and without risks. Another option that we can analyze is the possibility to rent you an Isard T700 car with all the support service mentioned above to complete the full route.

Please if you have any questions or requests we are at your disposal, feel free to contact us and we clear up any concerns you have. If you need, I can send more photos of the places we travel, the vehicles involved in the competition and some more details.

For us it is a pleasure to discuss about this and we would be very proud if you participate and represent the Isard brand in this competition, registered in the official calendar of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

Best regard,